Got A Bench Warrant? You Might Need A Bail Bond

Bench warrants are tricky, and many people do not even realize that bench warrants have been issued in their name. If you do know about a bench warrant ahead of time, you can arrange your bail bonds in advance.

So, if you are in the position to know about your bench warrant, here's what you need to consider.

Take Bench Warrants Seriously

The first thing you need to know is that a bench warrant is issued by the judge after somebody fails to appear in court when they are supposed to. While the police may not actively be looking for you, you can go to jail if you are found. For instance, if you get a speeding ticket driving, your bench warrant will appear.

Bench Warrants Can Increase Bail

Since bench warrants are typically associated with the failure to appear in court, this means you could face a higher bail than you would have otherwise. If you bail out, you may face higher fees. While you may have been able to pay a cash bond to the court, a bench warrant could raise the cost so much that a bail bond can be more effective.

The bail bond is a percentage of the total bail. For example, the judge may set bail at $20,000. Instead of looking for this cash, you can actually pay a fee of $2,000 and get out of jail thanks to the help of a bail bond agent.

Keep in mind that in some cases, bail can be denied completely. This ensures that you are forced to appear in court. The judge will make a decision based on the situation.

Bench Warrants Are Often Easy to Settle

The good news is that a bench warrant can be something you settle easily. In many cases, people settle warrants and are able to bail out of jail. If you face criminal charges, you can work on your case in the meantime. Bailing out allows you to take care of home and legal matters so that your case isn't affected by the warrant.

You Need to Bail Out

A bench warrant may allow you to bail out of jail. In some cases, having a warrant for your arrest in certain situations can lead to higher bail. A bail bond can help you pay the fee and get out of jail so you can get home to your family where you belong.

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